Exploring the Concerns of Aussie Parents: What Kids Really Think About Their Mattresses

In a recent survey conducted by Teddybed Australia, Aussie parents were asked about their children's opinions and complaints regarding the mattresses they sleep on.

The survey, carried out online between September 29th and October 9th, 2023, included responses from a nationally representative sample of 1,006 Australian parents or guardians with children aged between 2 and 18 years.

The findings reveal interesting insights into the concerns of Aussie parents and their children when it comes to their mattresses.

Common Complaints About Kids' Mattresses

The study sheds light on the fact that more than half of Aussie parents, approximately 56%, which equates to about 2.8 million parents, reported that their children have voiced complaints about their mattresses. The most common grievances cited by Aussie parents' children are:

  1. Discomfort Due to Texture: Approximately 22% of children found their mattresses uncomfortable due to factors like being too firm or too soft.

  2. Noise: Around 17% of children were bothered by noise issues, such as creaking or squeaking sounds from their mattresses.

  3. Heat Retention: Heat retention was a concern for 16% of children, suggesting that overheating during sleep is a prevalent issue.

  4. Itchiness: About 15% of children complained about itchiness related to their mattresses.

  5. Back Pain: Another 15% of children experienced back pain issues attributed to their mattresses.

  6. Allergies: Allergies were a concern for 14% of children, highlighting the importance of hypoallergenic mattress options.

Less Common Complaints

While the above-mentioned issues were more prevalent, some parents reported less common complaints from their children:

  1. Co-Bedding Discomfort: About 11% of children were uncomfortable due to co-bedding issues, such as disruptions caused by their siblings' movements on the mattress.

  2. Sagging: For 9% of children, mattress sagging was an issue affecting their sleep quality.

  3. Odour: A smaller percentage, around 6% of children, complained about odour-related problems with their mattresses.

Dad vs. Mum Perspectives

Interestingly, the study revealed that Aussie dads were more likely than mums to report that their children had voiced complaints about their mattresses. About 67% of fathers stated that their children had complained, whereas only 47% of mothers reported the same.

Age Matters

Age also played a significant role in the findings. Aussie parents with children aged 5-18 (60%) were more likely to have received complaints about mattresses compared to those with children aged 2-4 only (28%). This suggests that as children grow older, they may become more vocal about their mattress-related discomfort.

Bedwetting and Mattress Complaints

A compelling connection emerged between bedwetting and mattress-related complaints. Aussie parents whose children wet the bed (39%) were more likely to report complaints of odour, itchiness, and allergies regarding their mattresses. This highlights the need for durable and easy-to-clean mattress options, particularly for parents of bedwetters.

Frequency of 'Oopsi' Moments

Among parents with children who had bedwetting episodes at least three times a week, the most common complaints included allergies (32%), back pain (28%), and discomfort due to the texture (27%). This emphasizes the importance of addressing these concerns to ensure quality sleep for children who may experience 'oopsi' moments.

Understanding these issues can help parents make informed choices when selecting the best mattresses for their children, promoting quality sleep and overall well-being.

Whether it's addressing texture, noise, heat retention, or other factors, parents can take steps to ensure that their children sleep comfortably and soundly.