A Parent’s Guide to Transitioning From Cot to Bed

If you are a parent, Teddy doesn’t have to tell you about how valuable sleep is. But you may not fully understand the implications of sleep on your young ones. When children grow up having a good amount of sleep, it benefits brain development, emotional well-being, and good physical development. On the contrary, sleep deprivation during our youth can lead to obesity, depression, behavioural issues, poor concentration and a weak immune system.

When Is It Time To Transition From Cot To Bed

One of the key parts of your child’s early years is transitioning from a cot to a bed. It might be time for your child to move to a bed when:

  • They begin climbing out of the cot, putting them at risk of falling.
  • They are toilet training and need to be able to get to the toilet easily during the night.
  • You have another baby who requires the cot.
  • Your child is moving out of your bed and into their own bed.

When your child finally moves from cot to bed, often between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old, it is a milestone in their life as well as yours. Switching to a bed gives them more space, more freedom and individuality, and can increase their standard of sleep as quality mattresses are readily available.

Teddy Junior LUX Premium Mattress

Teddy’s premium kids’ bed is the perfect childrens mattress with new features that will help your child sleep through the night, every night. Teach them about quality, comfort and sustainability with Teddy’s signature sustainable Bamboo Charcoal infused memory foam. A powerful combination, it provides a softer and more contouring mattress that offers more support than ever, providing a perfect foundation for your child’s growing body.

Designed specifically for kids, the teddy junior LUX instils a sense of confidence in children, allowing them to sleep independently in a bed that feels like home. From bed-wetting accidents to weight changing as they get bigger, the machine washable cover and double-sided sleep surface not only support better sleep but also a more empowered and confident child. Available in single, king single and double sizes.

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